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Noelle Hancock, General Manager at Contrada SF Restaurant and Wine Bar in San Francisco

Noelle Hancock, General Manager

Born and raised in San Francisco, Noelle Hancock grew up in a large half Filipino, half Italian family, surrounded by people. Growing up in such a fun, busy atmosphere, it makes sense that Noelle was drawn to the restaurant industry, especially the fast pace and constant interaction.

Noelle began her restaurant career as a host at bustling institutions like the Eagle Café on Pier 39 and the Cheesecake Factory while she was simultaneously in college. She soon learned that hosting is a position that people don't often give much credit to, but as the first person that interacts with each guest, she believes it is extremely important for a restaurant to have a smiling, patient and organized person at the door.

After three years and a promotion to Assistant Manager, Noelle left the hospitality world to finish school, and after graduation, she found herself again drawn to restaurants. She became a host at DOSA on Fillmore in 2010, where she stayed for four years before getting hired at SPQR as Maître d' and Assistant Manager. At SPQR she learned a great deal about the industry and was constantly learning new aspects of managing. Noelle desired to keep growing with the company, soon she was promoted to a Floor Manager/HR Admin role at SPQR's sister restaurant in the Marina, A16.

During her time at A16, Noelle learned a great deal about how to be a helpful and knowledgeable manager. Her own managers at A16 were very inspiring, and have since become some of her best friends. At A16 she learned even more about patience, how to be hands-on and help out every employee in every position, and how to have self confidence when speaking in front of her employees. She also learned all of the administration skills necessary to running a restaurant, which is a department she didn't know she would excel at, but she now enjoys immensely.

Now at Contrada, Noelle's managerial philosophy is to lead by example, and to make sure each and every employee can count on her to help them with anything that comes up, on and off the floor. As a manager, she loves that she can have a role in every aspect of the restaurant, from food running to bussing to hosting, and because Contrada is a new restaurant, she can become an integral part of creating proceedures from scratch for her employees. She that there is still room for improvement and she looks forward to helping mold Contrada into one of San Francisco's best Italian restaurants.

On her days off, Noelle loves to sing and often can be found taking long, meandering walks around the city.

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About the Restaurant

Contrada SF restaurant and wine bar is fun, warm, welcoming, lively and convivial. Perfect for an intimate date or dinner and glass of wine at the bar.


2136 Union Street
San Francisco, CA